B Litter: The Bickies

Pedigree names: Barsoom

The first litter at Bucolick was a super fun bunch of fearless scallywags,  with even temperaments and lovely breed type. 

Barsoom Litter 2021_edited.jpg

Barsoom Litter: overview and puppy profiles

Below you will find a litter overview and links to individual pages for each puppy.


Litter Overview

DOB 13 November 2021

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Csteele Sao Mors Kajak 7 weeks.jpg

Bucolick Mors Kajak


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Csteele Thin Captain Jeddak of Helium 7 weeks.jpg

Bucolick Jeddak of Helium

Thin Captain

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Csteele Cheds Tavia of Tjanth 7 weeks.jpg

Bucolick Tavia of Tjanth


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Csteele Savoy Woola of Helium Loki 7 weeks.jpg

Bucolick Woola of Helium


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Csteele Salada Rollo Tars Tarkas 7 weeks.jpg

Bucolick Tars Tarkas


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Csteele Jatz Jeddak of Thark 7 weeks.jpg

Bucolick Jeddak of Thark


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Csteele Clix Thuvia of Ptarth Ghost 7 weeks.jpg

Bucolick Thuvia of Ptarth


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Csteele Baby Cheesus Dejah Thoris Freya 7 weeks.jpg

Bucolick Dejah Thoris

Baby Cheesus

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