Barsoom Litter 2021_edited.jpg

W Litter.  

For the puppies temporary names we are taking inspiration from the fact that it hasn't stopped raining for 6 months. This will be the W litter, or 'Water World/Wet and Wild" litter with names chosen accordingly.

An example pedigree for this litter can be found here 

In November 2020, Ros at Theldaroy had a litter using frozen Semen from Zeke (Dagolas Naavaparta). I didnt see much of the puppies until the stunning Sisko hit the show ring and Ros then shared some photos of Sisko's  brothers with me. I was considering perhaps using one of Sisko's brothers with a Cheese daughter one day: I will not be making a habit of using sires as young as Kodai: I prefer to see how the sire matures over longer periods of time. But Kodai is in a family home and may be neutered soon. We took Kodai for some health testing and arranged semen collection for 'later'.  The first batch of semen wasn't good enough quality to be frozen so we rather impulsively used it for Cheese. It seems that the semen quality wasn't so bad after all as we are expecting a large litter. 


Dam: Cheese

Cheeses pedigree and health data can be accessed via the link to the Breed archive above. Cheese is has proven to be a fantastic mother whilst it wasn't on my original 'plans' to have a third litter with her, when the opportunity arose, and with her health being so sound, it seemed a very reasonable choice in the end.  The W litter will be Cheese's final litter. 


Cheese gave us 8 puppie very efficiently on the morning of 28 May. There are 5 Black tanpoint males, 2 Cream males and a single Black tanpoint female. All puppies are vigorous and feeding well. Cheese is a very devoted Mamma to her many babies, once again.