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Bucolick Poseidon Adventure

Poseidon was not the smallest puppy at birth but he ended up a compact little guy who overall was very solid for his small size. Early on he earned the nickname "The Muzzle" for his rather impressive solid structure in spite of being a tiny puppy.  A very calm little puppy who would wait patiently and then smother you with kisses. He was a hard puppy to part with. He's gone to live with Hayden and Cassie K and the boys, not too far from home. I hope I get to see heaps of him as he grows.  He's now called Vader which is going to be a tough act to follow as he was one of the least wicked puppies I've bred and is unlikely to try and take over the galaxy any time soon.

poseidon 6
Poseidon 8 Vader
Poseidon 7 weeks

Bucolick Taranis

 T Rex.   Owner  Susan L   

Taranis was the 'pretty boy' of the litter. With flashy markings and pretty for a boy looks, he will be a lovely striking and typey lappie boy. Whilst he didn't mind a chew of the occasional toe, he was far milder  than Moose, the famously recalcitrant chomp-monster in my first litter. Nevertheless The name Taranis Saurus Rex stuck like glue. He is now Rex and has gone to live with Susan in Victoria.  Hopefully existing lappie Heidi from the Kalevi Danish litter will keep him company and teach him to be a good boy.

Rollo Salada
Taranis 5 2.jpg
Taranis 8 2_edited.jpg

Bucolick Cthulhu lies Dreaming

The biggest puppy at birth, Cthulhu was deliciously cute as cream lappie puppies tend to be. He was friendly and happy and aside from some solid escape-artist skills, really was very mild and calm indeed. He was great mates with Jason, the other bigger pup in the litter and I would often catch them wrestling, chasing and just playing together.  He is now Nukka and has gone to live in Melbourne with Ethan and Erin and Koji the lappie from Cockatoo Park

Cthulhu Nukka
Ahti 5 2.jpg

Bucolick Ahti

Ahti was a gorgeous friendly little puppy to raise and I was lucky enough to keep him for an extra week while he waited for his flight to Perth to be with new owner Lappie Lumi from Janoby kennels.  

Hades Jatz
Csteele Thin Captain Jeddak of Helium 7 weeks_edited.jpg

Bucolick Ukko

Ukko was an understated puppy for the first 5 weeks and then suddenly looked fantastic, with lovely overall structure and type. He's a very moderate lad in both looks and temperament.  Honestly I didnt have any tricky puppies in this litter: they were super mild and easy.  He's gone to live close by with Dylan V and Tyneka T to be their first lappie.  I hope to see quite a bit of him as he grows.


Urashima Taro. I had no troublemakers and no deliberate mischief in this litter but Urashima was the puppy that managed to get himself into innocent pickles all the time. Urashima Taro of Japanese legend did get himself into quite a bit of trouble chasing after acquatic princesses.  As for puppy Urashima, we would hear howls of sad and yep, there was Urashima off exploring and stuck into a small tight space again. He earned far too many long cuddles as a reward for his many misadventures and remained a super friendly super waggy happy puppy. He has gone to Kirsty L in Adelaide who previously owned a much loved lappie from Magpielane Kennels in Victoria.

Jason: The second biggest puppy by weight but  frankly the most solid tanky little chap overall. In the lineup of puppies named after Gods, his name earned him a good few laughs. I think he's going to be a rather nice lad. He's gone to be a family pet for the G family together with their with previous Yobhonden lappie. But being so tall dark and handsome, like his namesake, I'm sure he'll turn heads wherever he goes. 

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