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News & Updates

May 28  Cheese seemingly effortlessly had 8 babies this morning.  We have 5 Black tanpoint males, 2 cream males and 1 Black tanpoint female. All puppies doing well. I will gradually fill out litter information on the Current Litter page.  

May 19 Oh wow I've been slow to update. We are expecting another litter in late May.  All details on the Current Litter page.  

Jan 15 Cheeses babies have all gone to their new homes. She fed them right up to week 8 and beyond.  But does she miss them?  No sign of it. Shes as happy as can be.

Nov 21 Cheese efficiently and lovingly whelped 8 babies last week. Updates on the puppy page.

Oct 19
Cheese is definitely pregnant.  Details will be on the current litter page. 

Sept 19
Cheese has come into season and was mated last week I should be able to confirm her pregnancy via ultrasound in about a month. There's always a chance of no puppies at all, so there's lots of anticipation in the wait. Litter Details will be on the current litter page. 

Sept 5

Idja and Cheese had ACES eye tests last week. Unfortunately Idja has a unilateral cortical cataract about 1mm in size. It's not affecting her vision. She will have another exam in a year to see if it's slowly or rapidly progressive

July 25

As it's Idja's Eighth birthday today, I thought it time that I give her a page just for her and start to tell her story.

Jun 1     

I have added an individual page for future Bucolick sire Moska

May 27   

Some semen for future litters flew into Australia from Finland this week. This is a great relief as the whole process takes a long time. Thankfully the coordination and help to bring these particular 'boys' to Australia has been amazing.   

April 4         

We are likely to have one litter of puppies with Cheese in late 2021

Jan 18     

There are exciting things happening for the future at bucolick.  With semen for litters coming from Europe, some stud dog choices need to be made made years in advance.   The reduction in air freight creates a level of uncertainty, and makes puppy-daddy shopping fairly exciting. When the future liquid nitrogen sires arrive in Australia I'll make web pages for them, but for now be assured that straws from some lovely dogs are on ice in Finland, and will arrive in Australia when transport permits.

Jan 10     

Wix blog interface was too clunky to be useful for quick  news and updates, so Ive stopped using it, and archived the older posts.  

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