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B Litter.  The Bickie puppies

For the puppies temporary names we chose a cutsey savoury biscuit theme to go with Momma cheese.  The 8 puppies were Sao (Magni), Salada (Rollo), Savoy (Loki), Jatz (Hermes), Thin Captain (Moose), Clix (Ghost). Cheds (Esky), and Baby Cheesus (Freya)


Sire: Inko

Inkos pedigree and health data can be accessed via the Breed archive link above.  He has produced several lovely litters at Orical Kennels. Enormous thanks to Lauren at Orical for agreeing to the use of Inko for this first litter at Bucolick. 

Dam: Cheese

Cheeses pedigree and health data can be accessed via the link to the Breed archive above. Cheese is has proven to be a fantastic mother and at time of writing, 9 weeks after her puppies, you could hardly tell she ever had 8 babies. Admittedly Idja did much of the mothering work so perhaps grandmas are the secret.

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CheeseInkoBikkiesA (1).JPG

On average we expected 50/50 cream and black tanpoint puppies in this litter. The genetic diceroll said otherwise and we were blessed with with 6 creams and 2 tanpoints. The puppies thrived and from 3 weeks of age Cheese let grandma Idja do as she pleased around them. With two devoted bitches fussing and cleaning up after them, this litter were a dream to raise.

See the individual puppy profiles for details of each puppy