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Bucolick Dejah Thoris

Baby Cheesus.  Owners: Michael and Tora W.   Freya 

I had long joked that one of Cheese’s puppies should be called Baby Cheesus.  So when an unexpected  8th puppy appeared on an X-ray, and I only had 7 bickie names, last born Baby Cheesus was the one! Cheesus was my early conformation pick of the three girls in the litter. Her head-shape was unlike the other puppies as a newborn.  At 8 weeks of age she remained a nicely constructed and very pretty puppy.  I toyed with the idea of keeping her to show.  But I reluctantly reminded myself that I have been to exactly 3 dog shows in the last 4 years. With a pandemic spike looming, 2022 was not shaping up to be the year that I improved my record on that score.   So Cheesus has gone to be the incredibly loved new family member for Michael and Tora W. In Hervey Bay after they lost their beloved corgi girl  Torpa in 2021.  She is now Freya. Her kennel name Dejah Thoris provides an echo of the Norwegian naming theme and is one of those inexplicable coincidences that make me think that it was  meant to be.
We may have some fun in the show ring up that way, and Freya may come to have some puppies with us one day.  Mostly though, I expect her to rule the house, be loved and spoiled.

Csteele Baby Cheesus Dejah Thoris Freya 7 weeks.jpg
Csteele Clix Thuvia of Ptarth Ghost 7 weeks_edited.jpg

Bucolick Thuvia of Ptarth

Clix.  Owners: Mel C and Jen C.  Ghost

Clix.  For the first month I called Clix the ‘middle child’ as she was so calm and mild, never drawing attention away from the more dramatic Baby Cheesus or the petite friendly Cheds. I ended up wih fewer photos of her than the others as she was usually taking a nap. Easily the most stable calm of the girls, but she did give me a surprise when she yelled a LOT when the puppies were introduced to another dog for the first time.  As a puppy she was the one who I most saw echos of Grandma Idja in her movements, expressions and mannerisms.  She has gone to Mel C and the pack, to participate in all of their adventures, so I get to see her around the show ring which I’m very happy about. No doubt the lack of photos will be rectified!!

Ghost Clix
Csteele Cheds Tavia of Tjanth 7 weeks_edited.jpg

Bucolick Tavia of Tjanth

Cheds:   Owners: Claire C and Jenn C   Esky

Cheds was not the smallest puppy at birth but she grew more slowly than her siblings to the point that I was actively worried about her for a while.  She fought successfully for prime position at the Momma Cheese milk bar and required no help; but as this was my first litter, I was a nervous helicopter parent and I watched her closely to make sure she was going to be OK.   She was the most people focused of the three bitch puppies and would always be sitting there smiling up at me.. right until I turned the camera on her when the smile would sharply disappear. At our puppy assessment day she earned the nickname ‘corgi’ with her short little legs. In spite of this she was nicely proportioned in other ways, and has an overall conformation that reminds me of the bitches behind her Grandfather Karri (T. Lusmu).  I didn’t expect to see a puppy like Cheds out of the more long boned and overall narrower girl that is Cheese.  I’m not quite ready to make any final assessments about her potential just yet.  She has gone to join my friend Claire C and her fluffy gang.  I think she may surprise us.

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