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Finnish Lapphunds |
Scenic Rim | Queensland

News and updates are here.

Click on Floof if you are interested in Fluffy Dogs, and Feather if you are interested in waterfowl/poultry.

Ms. Bucolick likes livestock and gardening  more than web design. As a consequence this website is unapologetically amateur and contains far more whimsical content than is fashionable.

Bucolick was born in 2016 when My family bought a hobby farm in the Scenic Rim, South-East Queensland. 

This was a 'tree change' that we didn't even know we needed until it happened. There are currently 4 humans, 2 dogs, 5 geese and 8 chickens in the Bucolick family.  These numbers may change!


Any other queries are best via email. You are welcome to get in touch for any other queries or if you have lapphund questions that are not answered on Rightpaw or the website. 

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 Applications for Finnish Lapphund puppies are accepted via ------------->>>>

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