This page is a work-in-progress. If you see a an unattributed photo, or have questions, just ask.

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Below are a bunch of 4x4 photo grids. These are punnet squares for the ASIP gene, also known as the agouti gene or the A series. Everything we thought we knew about A locus heritability and the amount of shading that dogs have is about to get a bit of a shakeup, so I won't add actual science for a few months. Just pictures. 

I use pictures of Australian owned or bred dogs where possible. Enjoy.  

The first group includes dogs that are known to be Ee.


Group 2 is a set of dogs who are EeA.  eA has only recently become testable so there aren't many tested dogs yet.


Group 3 dogs are EE. 


Group 4 dogs are eA/e.  


Group 5 would be eA/eA. There are only a handful of  lappies around with a known eA/eA genotype so no grid for them.  Group 6 would be e/e.  There are plenty of e/e lapphunds but because the agouti expression is completely hidden, it's tricky to know for sure what they are hiding unless they are tested.  Whilst some e/e lapphunds have more skin pigment than others, I dont have any impression that ASIP explains it.​