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A serious note 

Looking at pictures of glorious pretty dogs gives me all the happy feels. Perhaps you found this website because you are like me. You like pretty, happy dogs.

This is the internet. It’s not real life. My website is a showcase for the Finnish Lapphund breed. I like genetics and fluffy, so there are heaps of photos of pretty different coloured fluffy dogs.  But dont be fooled. It's not intended encourage you to buy a Finnish Lapphund. It's not intended to encourage you to  favour one particular colour over another.

Dogs exist in real life. They bark. They like to chase things. They like to dig HUGE holes. Puppies like to chew things. Expensive things.  Sometimes they will find the most repulsive things to eat and your life will become utterly horrible.  I could tell you about the time Cheese ate a large decomposing lizard.... but I will spare you.....


Some puppies are spectacularly destructive for the first year or so.  They ALL need more socialisation than most families can easily give them. They need HARD WORK and TIME.  If you want the perfect companion for out-and-about… you will  have to work pretty hard for it.

Here’s what matters. You.  Your life, your environment. What YOU can provide for a dog.

Colour doesn’t matter. Cute fluffy doesnt matter.

Lappies come in a diversity of colours because the breed never went through a tiny genetic bottleneck right at it’s foundation, unlike the majority of breeds founded in Western Europe and the UK.

But for exactly the same reason, they also come in a variety of temperaments, working abilities, prey drives and need for activity. 

Here's the thing.  If you choose a lappie because they are cute and fluffy, or you choose based on colour, you are probably NOT going to be choosing based on some activity and temperament characteristics that may suit you better.  Breeders in Australia are usually pretty good at matching you with a lappie that will suit your activity level and family structure.  This is why they ask you lots of questions. Lappies are great at sports, and if that’s your thing, a breeder will help you.  They can also be great couch potatoes.. some more than others. But ALL need work to socialise in the first year or so.

Colour doesn’t matter. Breeders in Australia are generally not “breeding for colour” as their first priority.  Or their second. Or their third.  All of the colours on this website pop up in Australian litters from time to time. They are a nice surprise when they happen. Enjoy them on the internet, or at the beach or a breed club meetup. But leave the love of different colours in cyberspace where you can enjoy every single one of them. Choose the best dog  for you based on what YOU can offer the dog, not what you think the dog can offer you.

I do love my own dogs very much, and naturally I have my own colour biases.  

So now I've told you that colour doesn't matter, you need to know the truth. 

You also need to know that I am lucky enough to own the best dog in the world.

I didnt have this colour bias before I owned her, and I didnt know that she was the best dog in the world until I owned her. 

I am willing to bet that once you own YOUR best dog in the world, that will be your favourite colour. 

Here is my personal list of my favourite Finnish Lapphund colours:

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