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I’m expecting puppies in January 2024.  I know I say I”m excited about all my litters, but I really am excited about this one. Ok ok… I really am excited about all of them.. it’s true…

Esky, Bucolick Tavia of Tjanth, is my lovely girl co-owned with Claire at Tirnacu Kennels. She has been mated via frozen semen (AI) to Jukka, FIN CH Chelville Tapio.  Jukka himself passed away age 16 in 2016. He was a popular sire 15 to 20 years ago and holds an important place in breed history. There aren’t many modern dogs who would be appropriate to combine with Jukka but Esky’s pedigree was a good match. I didn’t hold up much hope for 20 year old frozen semen to be successful, but it has been, and a bundle of puppies are expected. 

All pups will be black tanpoint. Applications via Rightpaw below, or email me at 


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