We have one litter expected.

Puppies available for new homes ready late July.

Applications via Rightpaw


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Current/Most recent litter:


We are expecting puppies with Cheese (Orical Liisa of Finlandia) and Kodai (Theldaroy Beyond Question). Click here for litter overview. 

Links to previous litters at Bucolick

2021-11-13 : Barsoom and Biscuit litter. 

Orical Liisa of Finlandia (Cheese) x Orical Kasper of Vantaa (Inko)

CheeseInkoBikkiesA (1).JPG
CheeseInkoBikkiesB (1).JPG

I was expecting 7 puppies. A pre whelp xray revealed a surprise 8th puppy. There are only 7 original Aussie historical bickies so the lastborn and unlabelled puppy in the above photos is Baby Cheesus.