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All dogs bred at Bucolick 

Here's a summary of all puppies bred here at Bucolick so far.  I'm finding that the instagram feed is currently particularly popular as a way for people to see my puppies.   I have linked the personal  insta for any of my home-bred dogs who have their own insta accounts.  About 3/4 of them do. The first three litters at Bucolick have produced some really lovely dogs. Health and pedigree information can be seen by clicking through to links to the Breed archive. 

The Seeds of Time Litter

The 2024 litter was born on 21 January

Sire is Jukka, FIN CH Chelville Tapio, via frozen semen. Dam is Bucolick Tavia of Tjanth.

All puppies are black tanpoint.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter contact me via email or if you prefer, I am still accepting applications via Rightpaw.  If you have any questions, do contact me as I’m happy to chat 


The Seeds of Time Babies

Daddy Jukka would have been 25 years old when this litter was born. He died age 16; a healthy old dog. Ros from Theldaroy kennels had imported semen from Jukka in 2004. I am so thankful that Ros saw promise in this combination and was happy for me to use the last of Jukka's semen here in Australia. As befits the 'historical' old sire, this litter had a "Time Travel" theme and all puppy names have some connection to Time or Time travel in fiction, fantasy or pop culture.  Puppy names were: Sarah (Connor) from Terminator, Tavia (from John Wyndham 'consider her ways', McFly from 'Back to the Future', Eddy, from Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy, K9 from Dr Who, and Beedle from Zelda. 

Bucolick Stori Time 
Stori ♀ 女

  • Instagram

Coming soon

Esky puppy 2021

Bucolick Seeds of Time
Toast tbc ♀ 女

  • Instagram

coming soon

Esky puppy 2021

Bucolick Time Lord
tbc ♂ 男

  • Instagram

Coming soon

Esky puppy 2021

Bucolick Ocarina of Time
TBC ♂ 男

  • Instagram

coming soon

Esky puppy 2021

Bucolick Space Time Continuum  ♂ 男

  • Instagram

Eddy. Coming soon

Esky puppy 2021

Bucolick Mack to the Future   ♂ 男

  • Instagram

Mac. Coming soon

Esky puppy 2021
Ghost 2023

The Cloud Castles Litter  7/7/23

The photo of Dazzle asleep on the couch looking ever so innocent seems fitting, somehow. This litter was "planned" with Ghost's full sister Freya, about 3 months later in the year.  Dazzle and Ghost had other ideas and gave Mel and me five creamy fluffballs to remind us that they never read any of the plans written on my website. Thank you to Lauren at Orical for allowing me to use Dazzle, and for giving me Dazzle's company for 5 months as a very comfortable guest!

Dazzle asleep.jpg

The Cloud Castle Babies

This 'all cream' litter earned the Cloud Castles theme and all puppies were named after Ghibli characters from Howl's Moving Castle. We had Sophie, Turniphead, Howl, Calcifer and Markl. Huge thanks to Mel from Tundrai Kennels who raised these babies till 8 weeks of age when they came North to Qld to be with me.

Bucolick Pilvilinna
Crumpet  ♀ 女

  • Instagram

The only girl, Crumpet lives with Vader from the Barsoom litter, and their wonderful humans.  The Bin Diving photo may not be the typical fare of a breeder trying to convince you that my dogs are well-bred masterpieces; But honestly let's not take it all too seriously. Puppies are messy. My prize guardian bitch-puppy (bitchchicken?) with perfect owners who train her beautifully.... will still cheerfully go ripping through  through your rubbish with the best of them.


Bucolick Manglewurzel
Mallo  ♂ 男

  • Instagram

Mallo almost stayed with me at Bucolick as his happy little face brought a lot of joy. He now lives close by and I hope to see more than a bit of him as he grows up. He was not at all eyecatching at 8 weeks when puppies normally go to new homes.  But over the next few weeks he really blossomed, making me glad that we kept these puppies on for a few extra weeks.

Mallo Turnip 14 weeks

Bucolick Castles in the Air
Esky ♂ 男

  • Instagram

Esky is the puppy that was the least like Mama Ghost but also not particularly like feminine Dazzle either. He is super fluffy and ruggedly masculine in features and I'm really looking forward to seeing him mature. He may throw back a bit to his paternal grandparents but we will wait and see.

Howl Esky 8.5 weeks

Bucolick Spires of Dalaran
Calcifer ♂ 男

  • Instagram

What can we say? Calcifer earned the hashtag #whyarentyouagirl and was just a tiny cute bundle of adorable fluff. The smallest puppy, he has stayed on with Mel and her partner at Tundrai kennels. This was a decision of the heart, not the head but I admit, if they hadn't made it, I was tempted to do the same.

Calcifer illegally cute

Bucolick Cloud Nine
Baci ♂ 男

  • Instagram

A delightfully relaxed and easygoing puppy. He was happy to be cuddled like a baby and snuggle in. He has nice conformation if only we can get him to have enough nervous energy and drive to want to be a catwalk model. Lying on the ground for belly rubs was more his forte.

Baci Markl 8.5 weeks

The Waterworld Litter 28/5/22

Kodai was bred by Theldaroy and I'm very grateful for Ros allowing me to use him for Cheese's second litter. He was on the young side for a sire but aside from that he was a suitable choice. Once again a big litter and Cheese's last litter overall.


The Waterworld Litter

We had a Water God Theme as 2 years of la Nina weather meant the Farm was lush, green and WET.  Ponyo, Poseidon, Cthulhu, Ukko, Taranis, Urashima Taro, Ahti and Jason were the puppy names whilst they were with me. No, Jason was not named after Jason of the Argonauts.

Bucolick In Rapture at Theldaroy 
Bliss  ♀ 女

  • Instagram

One girl with seven brothers. Bliss lives at Theldaroy Kennels.


Bucolick Poseidon Adventure  
Vader ♂ 男

  • Instagram

Vader lives with Crumpet from the Cloud Castle litter and they both live with a wonderful family.

Vader 13 months

Bucolick Cthulhu Lies Dreaming 
Nukka ♂ 男

  • Instagram

This boy is just delicious. He lives in Melbourne with a best friend from Cockatoo Park, and of course his devoted owners.

Cthulhu Lies Dreaming

Bucolick Ukko
Ventari ♂ 男

  • Instagram

Tari has matured beautifully. He lives here in Brisbane and is the first lappie for his family. 

Tari 12 months

Bucolick Rex 
Rex  ♂ 男

  • Instagram

Rex lives in Melbourne. A very flashy puppy from birth, he's another that has matured very nicely indeed.


Bucolick Urashima Taro
Yuki ♂ 男

  • Instagram

Yuki has inherited his father's tipped ears. He lives in Adelaide with a long term lappie lover and has a wonderful life there.

Urashima Taro_edited.jpg

    Bucolick Aquaman
     Bandit ♂ 男

  • Instagram

The biggest, most rugged puppy of the litter. We named him Jason after Jason Mamoa when he was a puppy. He is now bandit and lives in Brisbane with a lappie buddy from the Yobhonden big litter.


Bucolick Ahti
♂ 男

  • Instagram

An all round moderate happy boy, Loki lives in Perth with another lappie.

Loki in Perth
cheese 2021.jpg

Barsoom aka Bikkie Litter 13/11/21

I was delighted to choose Inko from Orical for the sire of the first litter at Bucolick. Cheese herself is bred by Orical and has been a delight to own. Thank you Lauren for both!


The Biscuit litter. 

The first litter at Bucolick. Every one of these puppies had a reason to be my favourite. Thank you to all the marvelous families who all keep in touch and give me a running photo/instagram show of the lives of these babies.  The pedigree names were all characters from Barsoom, but the puppy names when they were with me were all biscuits to theme in with their mother 'Cheese'.   Clix, Thin Captain, Sao, Cheds, Salada, Jatz, Baby Cheesus and Savoy.

Bucolick Thuvia of Ptarth
Ghost ♀ 女

  • Instagram

Ghost was one of three girls in the litter. A very calm puppy, she has maintained that trait in adulthood and remains on the quieter side for a lapphund. She is the mother of our third litter, the Cloud Castles litter and she lives with Mel at Tundrai Kennels.


Bucolick Jeddak of Helium
Moose ♂ 男

  • Instagram

Moose has a perpetual legacy as 'nibbles', the high drive bitey puppy, still unbeaten in reputation in my repertoire of mild, fairly easy puppies. His owner has been just fabulous and he's matured into a much better version of himself: His instagram reputation is way way worse than the mild chap he's matured to be.

Moose 17 months

Bucolick Mors Kajak
Magni ♂ 男

  • Instagram

Magni lives in Perth with two lappie friends including one from Deerlane here in Brisbane. 

Magni Mors Kajak

Bucolick Tavia of Tjanth
Esky  ♀ 女

  • Instagram

I have a soft spot for Esky. She lives with Claire at Tirnacu Kennels in SEQ and I'm grateful to be able to see more than a bit of her.  She was a terribly unattractive puppy: Tear stained, tiny, roughed up regularly by her bigger siblings. She blossomed as she outgrew her puppy days and turned into a bundle of joy.

esky grown up.jpg

Bucolick Tars Tarkas
Rollo ♀ 女

  • Instagram

I still have his puppy photo here because he just smiled constantly as a puppy. Perpetually happy and people focused. Just an adorable lad. 


Bucolick Jeddack of Thark
Hermes ♂ 男

  • Instagram

An all round balanced and pleasing boy, Hermes lives in Brisbane.


Bucolick Dejah Thoris
Freya ♀ 女

  • Instagram

The last born puppy: I'd run out of bikkie names so Baby Cheesus she became. She lives in Hervey Bay with Michel and Tora and is much loved. She may yet have a litter with us here at Bucolick

freya 19 months.jpg

Bucolick Woola of Helium
Loki ♀ 女

  • Instagram

I know I say they are all my favourite, but Savoy really was a gorgeous puppy. He lives in Brisbane with another lappie Buddy and his devoted family.

savoy loki 15 months 2_edited.jpg
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