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Freya lives with Michael and Tora. Legally, Michael and Tora own Freya.  Recently Freya spent a couple of weeks at our place and I think it's safe to say that Freya believes that she owns Michael and Tora. (Sorry M&T... if you are reading this.. you know it's true...)

To date Freya is the only bitch that I have sold on a 'guardian-type' arrangement. She was my 'pick bitch' from my Barsoom litter.  Freya's owners are comfortable with the idea that Freya might be a great bitch to carry on the genetics of an uncommon breed, and are comfortable with her having one litter with me at Bucolick.  

Guardian arrangements have a mediocre reputation  and sometimes that is justified. Some of the 'contracts' that I've seen are utterly abysmal: coercive, and legally as strong as tissue paper. If you are reading this and have ever been offered a guardian contract that feels suss... get legal advice, or even easier, walk away. They are an arrangement that calls for trust and mutual respect. 

Freya has a strong confident temperament, not in the least bit timid, and perhaps a little stubborn but very clever, excellent bone, nice head with sufficient stop and good jaw set, sufficient chest and limb proportions, amazing pigment. She manages to be pretty and feminine in spite of a rather powerful overall construction.  I'm extremely grateful to her owners for allowing me to have a litter of puppies with her. 

2023 Edit: Of course Dazzle infamously scuppered the plans for a Freya/Dazzle litter.  I'm still hopeful and am trying to find another 'just right' sire for Freya!


Global Pedigree
There is a crowdsourced database at the Breed Archive Website that is a great resource to see the pedigrees of dogs when they are registered in different countries.

At a Glance Summary

Pedigree:    Bucolick Dejah Thoris
Pet Name:   Freya
DOB:           13 Nov 2021
Owner:        Michael and Tora W
Hips:            8/8 CHEDS
Eyes:            No Hereditary Disease May 2023 ACES
Gene:          prcdPRA Clear  DM carrier
Height:        45.5cm
Weight        16kg

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