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In years past we may have relied on Breed Club year books, or show results, or single photos, or word of mouth to find stud dogs.  Now the rapid exchange of photos and videos, instant show results and live-stream of dog shows means we can see the conformation and movement of so many possible choices across the world. 

Moska caught my eye on a general social media page.  We all love to share photos of our dogs don't we!  I wasn't familiar with his kennel of origin but once I found his pedigree I could see why I liked him:  About half of his pedigree involved quite lovely dogs whose family lines are well represented in Australia. The other half of his pedigree  is reasonably fresh, with some standout lines that haven't been previously imported.  

I'm a big fan of keeping inbreeding very low in pedigree dogs so fresh genes are lovely things to me.  Moska's health testing was easily of a standard for breeding, he has been successfully shown to Finnish Champion level by his owner, and he is a beloved pet.   At time of writing he has just turned three years old. I have imported semen several years in advance of any plans to use him at stud. I very much hope that he will be the father of some lovely puppies at Bucolick in the years ahead.

With grateful thanks to Moska's owner A Puttonen for being so helpful after my request to bring Moska's semen to Australia, and for the use of photos of him here.

Note: Now Moska is 5 years old and has become quite a popular stud dog in his home country. It will be a few years before we see Bucolick puppies sired by Moska.

Official Pedigree
Moska's Official Pedigree, like all dogs born in Finland can be found at the Website of the Finnish Kennel Club.
His health results and show results are also listed for him there.

Global Pedigree
There is also a crowdsourced database at the Breed Archive Website that is a great resource to see the pedigrees of dogs when they are registered in different countries.

At a Glance Summary

Pedigree:    Pihkarinteen Goljatti
Pet Name:   Moska
DOB:           16 Mar 2018
Breeder:      Jenni Pulkkanan
Owner:        Anna-Mari Puttonen
Hips:            B/B
Eyes:            No Hereditary Disease Oct 2019
Gene:          prcdPRA Clear  DM carrier
Show:          Finn Champion 2020
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