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2020 News & Updates

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

October: Cheese has puppies! Her first litter has been born at Orical Kennels in the Southern Highlands of NSW. To my utter delight, she is a fantastic Mumma. This is a special litter for Orical, with a pleasing sire choice of Shacal Renki-Poika via imported semen.

Happy Cheese and her well fed baby Cheeses. © L.Vial

May: Cheese went to the vets for hip scoring. I was keen to assess for any sign of early arthritic changes as she got older, so I waited till as late as possible to have her hips assessed. The good news is that even at age 3 3/4 with an active life, she has hardly any wear-and-tear joint changes. Her hip score is 5/9 in the Australian Scoring system. Assuming she received an identical score from reviewers overseas, she would probably be graded as B/B in Finland. OFA in the USA would be good/fair. BVA would be 14. FCI would be A2/B1. I'm more than happy for this result for her.

Finnish Lapphund: Head Tilt
Cheese: Orical Liisa of Finlandia

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