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This is where I indulge my innate nerdiness by showcasing some Australian bred lapphunds and their underlying colour genetics.  Enjoy.  Do check out the 'Serious Note' page as well.  

 Each pair of dogs below has been chosen because they are visually similar but genetically different. Each photo links through to more information about the dog, and then on to the relevant genetics page

For a  more traditional genetic approach just navigate to the individual gene loci via the menu.

Finn and Skipper

Ukkonen Finnish Lapphund Cream Finn
Caleebra Finnish Lapphund Skipper Ay sable at th agouti locus

Benni and Tortik

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 5.15.07 pm_edi

Halley and Karhu


 Asohka and Beyonce

orical asohka.png

Benne and 

benne orical_edited.jpg
watersedge lilac domino.jpg

Idja and Gryffindor

griff by mel_edited.jpg
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