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2023 Litter Plans

The best laid plans of Dazzle and Jenn

Dazzle has been planned as the most likely sire for our 2023 litter for some time. His health testing was completed some time ago with 4/4 hips, normal eyes and gonioscopy. He's made Bucolick his home for 5 months now and has been a pleasure to live with. An easy gentle temperament and he just fits in with us with no fuss. The intended bitch was Freya; our lovely larger-than-life personality girl from the B litter. We had 3 girls in the B litter, all of whom may possibly have a litter at Bucolick over the next few years. However it was definitely Freya who was chosen for Dazzle. Freya's sister Ghost visited recently. Ghost is co-owned with M Curtis of Tundrai. Dazzle found Ghost very much to his liking. He didn't tell us this. Neither did Ghost. It took a while for us to figure it out. I've prided myself on being meticulously careful and Ghost was sent home the minute I thought Dazzle might be getting a wee bit too interested in her. In hindsight, the deed was done before there were any typical signs from either of them. I had recently publically observed that I would never criticize any breeder who had an 'oops' litter as I was sure some frisky dog would make me eat those words if ever I were to do so. When I said this, I had no idea that the frisky dog in question had already made his move. The good news is that this is a perfectly fine combination genetically. Ghost and Freya are full sisters and so the pedigree analysis doesn't change. If the parents are any indication, these puppies will be the easiest of pets temperamentally.

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