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Freya visits for health testing

Freya's first visit since she was a puppy

Freya has been staying with us for a couple of weeks. Her home is in Hervey Bay but she's come to stay for some health testing. She thinks her reason for being here is to pester Dazzle mercilessly and she has been doing this with great enthusiasm.

Last week She completed an ACES eye exam and gonioscopy. These returned normal results. She also had standard CHEDS hip films taken. I was slightly worried about this as she is a teensy bit overweight which can affect the score more than genetics can. Her score was 8/8. (Combined total 16). The equivalent OFA score would be 'Fair' and the equivalent FCI score would be B1. Fortunately no arthritic components in the score. She also had 0/0 elbows thankfully. These results are all fine for breeding with the right stud dog. Dazzle's hip score at 4/4 is suitable as a partner and I'll go a head with planning a litter when Freya comes into season.

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